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While a swimming pool is a place of enjoyment for you and your family, age, wear and tear, and nature can limit you from using your pool as much as you want. Solstice Pools & Landscaping has the ability to fix issues such as mechanical failures, leaks, and cracks, which may occur as a result. We are experts at detecting leaks, resurfacing and repairing cracks, as well as pump and filter repair. You are assured that we’ll use proven and advanced methods to rid your custom pools and spas in the Woodlands of these possibly serious problems.

Our services are tailored to ensure that we can adequately solve whichever issues you encounter with your pool. Moreover, we’re committed to delivering quality services to all our clients. This is what makes us one of the most reliable pool builders in the Woodlands, TX, and why you should come to us for any pool troubles.

Repairs That We Can Help With

Your swimming pool has different features that work together to give you the kind of experience you need. This includes structural details such as the floor, walls, and ladder. Other accompanying features are the deck, fence, as well as mechanical components such as filters and pumps. Solstice Pools & Landscaping has a team of dedicated top pool builders in the Woodlands, TX, who are skilled in fixing any of these parts.

Some of the initial signs that may suggest the need for repair in your pool are cracks. Often, cracks start small but become bigger with time. They’re safety hazards if left to expand further, and can result in costly structural damages.

Cracks can be caused by physical impact, soil movements, or sun exposure. Solstice Pools & Landscaping can fix your cracks to prevent further deterioration of your pool. With any kind of damage, we take our time to inspect your pool for any underlying issues to make sure that we don’t just do cosmetic repairs only for the problem to crop up again soon after.

We also fix pool liners, whether vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete. No matter how durable your liner is, you can expect to see fading, dullness, or staining with time. Such a liner can easily ruin the aesthetic value of your pool, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Solstice Pools & Landscaping can provide you with some of the best pool contractors in the Woodlands, TX, who will carry out the necessary repairs to have your pool looking as good as new.

Avoid the Hassle of an Inefficient Pool

Malfunctioning pumps and filters can make pool maintenance a headache. They make it hard to clean and circulate water, leaving you exposed to using low-quality water that may breed pathogens. Not to mention if your electrical pool equipment struggles to perform, more energy will be consumed.

The woodlands pool builder we will provide you with can sort any malfunctioning equipment promptly so that you’re able to enjoy swimming in a safe and clean pool, with no worries of piling energy bills.

Get Your Pool Back in Tip-Top Condition

The thing with pool repairs is that the longer you put them off, the more extensive and costly they become. As such, it’s best to enlist the services of expert pool builders in the Woodlands, TX as soon as you notice any problems with your pool. Call us today on (281)886-8820 for more information about the Woodlands custom pools services.

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