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Pump Repair

Pump Repair

Part of owning a pool is its constant maintenance. If it is not done regularly, it could lead to problems. One of them could be a pump replacement.

Among other common problems that pools often have that require pump maintenance or others are:

  • Automation updates and repair.
  • Clogged lines.
  • Chlorinator replacement and repair.
  • Feeder repair.
  • Heater and filter replacement and repair.
  • Leaks.
  • Light repair.
  • Salt chlorine generator repair.
  • Valve and plumbing repair and replacement.

How do you know if you need water pump repair for your pool?

You do not need to be a professional when it comes to your pool to understand when you may require maintenance or repair a water pump. However, there are moments when you will need the best professional help possible that will prevent you from ending up with a damaged pool pump and unsafe pool.

Most of the new generation of pool pumps are equipped with automatic controls and safety features. It is also possible that by reading the manual, you may repair some of the problems on your own.

Nonetheless, there are more complicated repairs and replacements that need to be done by top-of-the-line professionals. To know which ones these are, you need to pay attention to what goes on with your pool.

What are some common pool pump problems?

The most common problems that require pump repair are:

  • Stuck or defective bearings: This is the most common problem with pool pumps. Bearings are prone to damage caused by corrosion, shock, or vibration. You will know if this is going on with your pool if the motor begins to make unusual sounds. Or perhaps the bearings only need lubrication.
  • Stock-up impeller: Debris can cause impellers to clog. Check if the washer, nuts, and bolts of the impeller are loose or worn out since they could need replacing.
  • Dehydrated pump: If the pump in your pool does not self-prime, make sure to do it manually. If it is running without water, the system can get damaged.
  • Short circuit: If this occurs, it is very dangerous as the consequences may be severe for anyone inside the pool. If there is any liquid inside the windings of the motor, that can cause a short circuit. 
  • Overheated motor: An overworked motor or an overloaded motor can cause it to burn-out. If it happens, you may have to replace the entire piece.

Now that you know which are the most common pump problems, you should also know that a pump repair will only be necessary if you have issues with the bearing; the impeller is not deformed or broken, only stuck or clogged.

On the other hand, a replacement will be needed if the motor exceeded the expected lifespan, if you want to upgrade to a new motor pump, if it breaks down often or if it is not working as expected.

You should also consider a replacement if the repair cost is almost the same as replacing the entire thing.

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